Waterjet Cutting

The Advantages

• Waterjet cutting is capable of cutting almost all types of materials you might need to work with in your manufacturing processes.

• Easily cuts complex interior and exterior shapes in materials of up to 2 inches thick.

• Materials like rubber and plastic will not melt during the cutting process – no melting, no heat affected areas, no structural changes.

• Cuts are accurate within ± 0.125mm (0.005”) and are smooth and flat – similar to a fine sandblasted finish. Flexible materials can be cut with less taper than cuts made through die cutting.

• Low start-up costs allow for inexpensive, highly accurate production for quantities as small as one item.

• Using your existing CAD drawings allows us to expedite the job by eliminating the need for specialty tooling.

• The waterjet cutting process involves no chemicals or noxious fumes.

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